Rules of engagement in Gwent are explained below.


The Rules


  • To begin a match, the game selects the starting player with a coin toss.
  • Each player receives 10 random Gwent cards pulled from their decks. Players can discard two cards and redraw in the hope of receiving two superior cards. This is done once.
  • Players place a Unit Card on the Gwent board in the dedicated combat row. Each player may play one card per turn unless a special ability enables them to do otherwise. Players may also utilize Weather Cards from the Neutral Deck.
  • Each unit Card has Strength points that are added for each player's total. A player will win a round of Gwent when the player has more points than the other and both players no longer have cards to play or the both players pass their turn
  • Matches are set with 2 wins out of 3 rounds.


Gameplay Modes


Friendly Matches

  • Friendly Match Rules go here


Ranked Matches

  • Ranked Matches Rules go here


Story Campaign

  • Story Campaign Rules go here

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